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To start learning about Web Frontend, pick any of these topics: JSON, Javascript, CSS, HTML! Work your way through the tree to learn more topics, such as Semantic HTML, Functions, Objects, Classes, Hooks, Component Libraries, and $100k Salary. Each topic contains the best resources from around the Internet, including videos, tutorials, and blog posts--all aggregated by SkillMagic's AI-powered human experts. Simply click on any skill in the tree, and we'll show you the best resources on the Internet to learn it. When you're done, you'll have strong fundamentals in Web Frontend!

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Additional Web Frontend Topics

Great Resources from around the Internet
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For people who are learning new topics, they usually "Don't know what they don't know". Our skill tree shows you exactly what you don't know, and gives you the very best resources from the entire Internet to learn it. You may arelady be familiar with skill trees from video/computer games as a great way to visualize skill progression.

There's no guarantee, but it'll sure help! Our research has shown that using a skill tree is the most effective way to learn a new skill.

"Resource paralysis" happens when Google gives you so many results to learn something that it becomes overwhelming. SkillMagic solves this problem because we give you only the most important resources, and we tell you what exact parts to focus on. It's way more efficient to learn this way!

Absolutely! The SkillMagic team has expertise in Web Frontend, plus many other areas. SkillMagic's engineers come from some of the top tech companies and engineering schools in the world, including Apple, Instacart,Duke University, Cornell University, and the University of Texas at Austin.

SkillMagic's engineering team uses their expertise to curate the very best resources from around the Internet. We leave nostone unturned, and provide everything from YouTube videos, to interactive tutorials, to blog posts!

Based on extensive research, this is the quickest way to improve your skillset and be versatile in a matter of days. Our goal is not to train you in specific language, but help you grow as an engineer who can solve any problem!

Skill Tree Legend

  • Click any node with a link icon to start learning
  • Click the expand icon to view more detailed skills
  • Arrows represent prerequisites to learning a skill
  • Highlights represent the path to learn a skill