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Imagine you have a monolithic web app, and it goes down every Sunday because of increased customer usage (which isn't seen on other days). You want it to not go down but are also conscious of server costs. What's a good plan to accomplish this? You can assume that the app is containerized and load-balanced.

  • Increase the number of containers so you'll be able to handle capacity no matter what.
  • Replicate your database so that it can handle increased query load.
  • Refactor code that's taking a lot of CPU or RAM to make it more efficient.
  • Investigate to see what the actual cause of the site going down is. Then, either horizontally or vertically scale that weak point, but do it in a way where it will only trigger when the load actually becomes high.
  • Increase the number of on-call engineers on Sunday to fix the site once it goes down.
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