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TypeScript Basics

Learn TypeScript Basics

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Take this customized & interactive quiz to test your knowledge on TypeScript Basics, then check out the learning resources below.

Question 1 of 6

Which of the following is not a primitive type?

  • number
  • string
  • object
  • symbol
  • null

Core Learning

The fastest way to learn TypeScript Basics is simply to study these exact resources. Focus on the 👀 to learn extra quickly and save time!

Simple Introduction to TypeScript

👀 1 Thing to Focus On

  • Learn what TypeScript actually does for your engineering workflow.

Basic Types

👀 1 Thing to Focus On

  • TypeScript basic types consist of JS primitives and more.


👀 1 Thing to Focus On

  • If you are familiar with the concept "duck typing", interfaces are TypeScript's equivalent.

Unions and Intersection Types

👀 1 Thing to Focus On

  • Pay special attention to Discriminating Unions

Types vs Interfaces

👀 1 Thing to Focus On

  • Know the different use cases for types and interfaces


👀 1 Thing to Focus On

  • Generics build upon the previous concepts to enable variable typing.


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