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Semantic HTML

Learn Semantic HTML

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Take this customized & interactive quiz to test your knowledge on Semantic HTML, then check out the learning resources below.

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Semantic HTML is the use of HTML elements for the primary purpose of within web documents rather than solely for presentation purposes.

  • Writing developer-readable markup
  • Providing nesting structure
  • Communicating meaning or information about the content
  • Providing dynamic elements

Core Learning

The fastest way to learn Semantic HTML is simply to study these exact resources. Focus on the 👀 to learn extra quickly and save time!

Semantic HTML: the foundation of web accessibility

👀 2 Things to Focus On

  • Understand the difference between semantic and non-semantic elements
  • Understand why semantic HTML is important for web accessibility

HTML 5 Semantics

👀 2 Things to Focus On

  • Some of the information from this video is already in the previous article
  • Understand how to practically use semantic tags in your HTML code

The Difference between Semantic and Non-Semantic HTML Elements

👀 1 Thing to Focus On

  • Understand further what HTML elements are semantic and what elements are non-semantic, and when to use them

Sectioning in Semantic HTML

👀 1 Thing to Focus On

  • Pay attention to the differences between the subsection elements (eg. <section>)


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