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JavaScript Basics II

Learn JavaScript Basics II

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Knowledge Check

Take this customized & interactive quiz to test your knowledge on JavaScript Basics II, then check out the learning resources below.

Question 1 of 3

Given the following while loop

  // A
  while (i < 99) {
    i += 1;
  // B
  for (; i < 99; i++) { // no need for "begin"
  // C
  do {
    i = i + 1;
  } while (i < 99);

Which block will print a different result to the others?

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • None, they are all the same

Core Learning

The fastest way to learn JavaScript Basics II is simply to study these exact resources. Focus on the 👀 to learn extra quickly and save time!

JavaScript Functions

👀 1 Thing to Focus On

  • Understand how JS functions are defined and called

JavaScript Conditions - if else?

👀 1 Thing to Focus On

  • Put your newfound knowledge of operators to use!

JavaScript Loops - while and for

👀 1 Thing to Focus On

  • Be careful not to get stuck in a loop!

Error Handling with try...catch blocks

👀 1 Thing to Focus On

  • Learn about the common error types and how to handle them gracefully

8 Must Know Javascript Array Methods

👀 1 Thing to Focus On

  • Learn all of the shown array methods!

Simplify your JavaScript – Use .map(), .reduce(), and .filter()

👀 1 Thing to Focus On

  • This is REALLY important!


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